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The town of Hissar is situated in the central part of Bulgaria, in the South slopes of Sredna Gora Mountain.

The nature is generous to the town. The mountains protect Hissar from the cold North winds. The winters are soft, but the summer evenings are fresh. The autumn and the spring are warm and the snow does not stay too much.

There are 22 mineral springs in Hissar. The water is slightly mineral, colorless and odorless with a pleasant taste. Hissar mineral water may be used as everyday water and for prophylaxis of gastro intestinal diseases, renal diseases and rental-urologic diseases: gall stones, motor system diseases, gynecological disease, dentall diseases and prophylaxis of dental caries, chronic intoxication caused by heavy metals and pharmaceutical preparations.

Some interesting facts:
* the first chemical analysis of mineral water in Bulgaria was made at the “Momina banya” mineral spring in Hissar in 1882. For this reason the government of East Rumelia issued the first “Rules for mineral baths use”. This is considered the begining of Bulgarian balneology.
* Town symbol it the southern fortress gate, called “The camels”, because in the 20-ties the arch was broken in to two parts. The gate remnants resembled two camels standing opposite each other.
* The first bath tickets are introduced by imperior Diocletian, the founder of the ancient Roman town, just at the same place of nowadays town of Hissar.

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